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Spoleto Truffle Dipping Sauce - Smoked Turkey (150g)

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Introducing our tantalizing Smoked Turkey Spoleto Truffles Dipping Sauce, meticulously crafted from a premium blend of the finest Spoleto Truffles, Sun-ripened Chilis, and savory Roasted Turkey Bits. This exceptional variation of the classic truffle sauce brings a touch of elegance to your dishes, ensuring a remarkable dining experience.

Use this sauce not only as a dipping sauce but also as a transformative ingredient. Enhance your favorite dishes, from roasted meats to grilled vegetables, pasta, and beyond, with a drizzle or dollop of this exquisite sauce. Each bite will be elevated to new heights of gourmet excellence, inviting you to savor the richness of Spoleto truffles and the succulent essence of smoked turkey.


Spoleto Truffle Dipping Sauce - Smoked Turkey (150g):

Chili, Garlic, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Truffle Zest [Natural Carob Powder, Dried Truffle(Tuber Aestivum Vitt)], Turkey, Salt, Chili Powder, Potato Starch, Flavour, Food Additive (E326, E316, E262, E339, E250, E621, E627, E631), Lactic Acid (0.01%).

Nutrition Facts of Spoleto Truffle Dipping Sauce - Smoked Turkey (150g)

Refrigerate immediately after opening.
Store in an airtight container.
Use clean utensils to avoid contamination.
Seal tightly after each use.