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Why Join The Aroma Truffle Society Members?

Join The Aroma Truffle Society to earn points with every purchase, which you can redeem for exclusive rewards and unique truffle products. As a member, you'll be the first to know about our latest activities, special promotions, and new product launches. Elevate your truffle experience and enjoy personalized benefits designed just for you. Sign up today for FREE and start savoring the rewards!



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Bring your friends to our store and unlock rewards for every friend you refer

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100 Points

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Aroma Truffle is a membership program that rewards and thanks loyal customers for shopping with Aroma Truffle. The program benefits all Aroma Truffle members as you earn Stars when you spend on our online shop or physical outlet, amongst other action rewards. Additionally, if you sign up to receive newsletter from Aroma Truffle when you register your account, you will be among the first to receive news, exclusive offers and information about Aroma Truffle.

You can start collecting Stars and earning rewards by paying with your registered Aroma Truffle account. For every S$1 you spend, you will earn 1 Star, and for every 100 Stars earned, you can redeem a free reward.Upon registration, you will automatically be a Aroma member and get 50 Stars. Earn 200 Stars to redeem and enjoy greater rewards.

You can log into your account through the 'Rewards' icon on the bottom right of the page. The app allows you to track the number of Stars you’ve earned, your current rewards, and available Stars for redemption.

Yes. Stars will expire 1 year from your first date of registration as a Aroma Truffle member. Use wisely.