Our Values & Mission

At Aroma Truffle & Co., we want to provide an aromatic experience that excite your senses and tastebuds. We aspire to bring the finest arts the Italian culture has to offer to the world, and to you.

We believe the creative approach inspired by the Italians, are bold in experimenting with different fine and natural ingredients. This way it adds depth and complexity to our food.

We aspire to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the rest of the world.

Environmental Impacts


Aroma Truffle is willing to take the public’s concerns about single-use packaging waste and currently we ensure to turn all our packaging into recyclable packaging.

Voluntarily signed to the Singapore Packaging Agreement by 2022, we are making the commitment to reduce local packaging waste by placing the logo of Products with Reduced Packaging (LPRP) on all our packaging now. We hope it’s not just as a business but we want to empower our consumers to make a conscious choice to purchase products that generate less waste.

Social Impacts

With a team of passionate individuals who strived for norms in the pursuit of quality and innovation, we believe in the impact each products makes.

Aroma Truffle & Co. is made by passionate people for passionate people to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the rest of the world.


Economic Visibility

Each product will provide a strong smell of the Italian truffles with high quality ingredients primarily sourced from Italy and fine ingredients from different parts of the world.

To the Italians, the harvesting of ingredients, preparation and dishes are a demonstration of passion and a for of refined art.

We support smallholder farmers who grow the best truffle in the city with the upmost love and full care. We believe in sustainability and a fair trade for quality truffles so that we can give back the best value to our consumers.