Powered by the brand's attitude towards making a difference in the community, we strive to be active in community improvement programmes and adding values to the people around us #givingbackwitharomatruffle

Singapore Red Cross Society

The Singapore Red Cross Society is dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity and responding to emergencies.

In 2021, we were given the opportunity to work together with Singapore Red Cross Society to donate our truffle chips there. This was definitely an honour to us.

As a part of the Community Foundation of Singapore and as a local business, Aroma Truffle wants to be part of the cause by giving importance to and supporting the local community in Singapore.

Singapore Children's Society

Shortly after, we were able to work together with Singapore's Children Society.

The Singapore Children's Society is dedicated to protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions. Aroma Truffle is pleased to finally partner with Singapore Children's Society as we believe that the future of Singpaore depends on them.

We are still planning to make any social projects to help others and create a safe environment to achieve a decent life for all.


Food is all about the people. We hire people with similar interest and values. Our responsibility is not only caring their wellbeing but to encourage to build up their growth. We care about our people as if they are our own family members.

  • Founders of Aroma Truffle (left to right) :
    Kayson, Kenny, Johnathan

  • Aroma Truffle Local Singapore Team

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