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TRUFFLICIOUS BUNDLE: Assorted Truffle Condiments
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$65.00 SGD
$77.50 SGD

Each bundle in this luxurious truffle collection is presented in our elegant gift box, ideal for any occasion where you want to delight your boss, clients, in-laws, friends, or simply indulge in some gourmet treats yourself.

This bundle (valued at S$77.50) includes:

  • 1 x White Truffle Oil - 250ml (S$33.50)
  • 1 x Black Truffle Dipping Sauce - 150ml (S$15.00)
  • 2 x Aroma Truffle Assorted Travel Size Condiments
  • Complimentary Aroma Truffle Premium Gift Box

Designed for discerning palates and truffle enthusiasts alike, our Trufflicious Box promises to elevate any gathering or meal. Treat yourself or someone special to the exquisite flavors of truffle and make every moment memorable.