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Truffle Beef Hor Fun - Aroma Truffle

Truffle Beef Hor Fun

  • Servings: 2 Serving
  • Preparation Time: 30 minutes
  • Difficulties:
Elevate your taste buds with our Truffle Beef Hor Fun! Read the step-by-step guide on how to create this dish. From frying the noodles to sous vide the beef, every moment is packed with flavour. Don't miss out on this deliciousness!
  1. Frying the Hor Fun • Noodles in a bowl, and add dark soy sauce. Gently stir through to coat the noodles with the sauce. • Add oil to wok and set over high heat. Once hot, fry slice onion to capture the wok hey then add the coated hor fun noodles, and spread evenly in the pan. Leave this alone, and allow the bottom to develop a char, about five minutes or so. • Gently flip over to the other side, and leave this alone again to allow to char. Only some parts of the noodles will char, this is fine. Once cooked, remove from pan and keep to one side.
  2. Sous vide the Beef and Egg • Sous Beef with Truffle Butter once cook pan sear it.
  3. Gravy • To the same pan, add more oil if needed. Add ginger, garlic and onions and saute until fragrant. • Add the oyster sauce, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Saute this with the ginger, garlic and onions. • Once fragrant, add stock and water, and stir to combine. Allow the mixture to come to a boil. • Once boiling, add vegetables. • Gradually add cornstarch slurry and stir until the gravy thickens. Then end with Truffle Paste
  4. Plating • Plate the hor fun noodles, and pour the gravy over the noodles. Ready to serve!

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